2022 Calendar – Photo Submission

We are inviting Southern Tier manufacturers to submit a picture for AM&T’s 2022 Calendar.

This year, we’d love some product shots to highlight the many items that are manufactured in our region!

It’s fun, it’s free and it’s great marketing for your company and our region!

Our calendar is distributed to over 500 regional manufacturing companies and partners. Calendars will be distributed in the fall of 2021 and upon request.


  • Fill out the form below and upload your photo.
  • Required photo resolution: at least 3300 x 2550 pixels (Printable for 8.5 x 11 inch size). Landscape format required.
    PLEASE NOTE: Large files will take a while to process, the button below will spin for several minutes. If your file upload fails, please submit this form without the file and email the image to info@amt-mep.org. Thank you for your patience.
  • Photos must be submitted by September 25, 2021.
  • Any questions about the contest, please contact us.
2022 Calendar Photos
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Maximum upload size: 15MB

Check out AM&T’s customized calendars from 2020 and 2021 highlighting some “action shots” at our regional manufacturers:

AM&T 2020 Calendar

AM&T 2021 Calendar

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