Raymond Hadley Corp

From start to finish, our project was well-trained, well-planned, and well-executed, thanks in large part to Tom Enderby’s (AM&T) approach with our team and his overall project design and planning. The project was managed in a way that created buy-in from our team and provided real solutions to age-old problems that will benefit not just the targeted line, but our other manufacturing lines as well. The results were real, have proven to be sustainable, and will have a continued lasting impact on our throughput on a critical manufacturing line. After years of struggling with changeovers being our main manufacturing constraint, this project (due to its success) has shown our team the benefits of a well-run and well-executed project and helped build morale and buy-in for future projects. We look forward to working with the team from AM&T on future projects to help unlock additional capacity and drive the growth of our company.” — Jacinto Maratea,  Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Hadley Corp.

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