• Limit “Cc’s” to only those that are essential.

  • No more than two “cycles” back and forth between correspondents – use the telephone.
  • No unnecessary forward of attachments – use a hyperlink/file sharing.
  • Include the point and urgency in the subject line and first few lines of text.
  • Consider using the first few sentences as an abstract that summarizes the remainder of the communication.
  • Keep it brief – no email shall be more than 20 lines long.

  • Start the subject line with “Action” whenever immediate action is required by who is the email “To:”.
  • When replying to external Email; The highest-ranking member of the team in the “To:” address bar will respond first, unless such member chooses to delegate the task.
  • All internal and external emails shall be responded to within 24 hours unless otherwise dated or “out of office” notification is on.
  • Use standard new (full logo block) and reply (name and telephone number) outlook signatures.
  • Standard out of office template:

I am currently out of the office on (date) and will have limited access to email. If you need immediate assistance, please contact (backup name, title, email and phone #).
Thank you,