About AM&T
About AMT

About the Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology

AM&T was established in 1988 as a private, non-profit organization to help small and mid-size manufacturers and high-tech startups be more productive, profitable, and globally competitive.

AM&T is a leader in assisting local manufacturers in overcoming the challenges of today’s competitive economy. Our highly-skilled team of experts has many years of industry experience combined with extensive consulting, training and coaching experience. We are Business Advisors who have built a reputation for understanding and meeting manufacturers needs with expert solutions. We are a unique resource for manufacturers seeking to increase sales, streamline operations, achieve certifications, reduce costs, create jobs and prosper in the following counties:

We’re one of 10 Regional Technology Development Centers in New York and part of a national 51-center Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Our public-private partnerships – subsidized partially by New York’s NYSTAR program and the federal National Institutes for Standards and Technology MEP – enable us to provide excellent service at affordable prices. We work closely with other economic development organizations, universities, community colleges and state agencies. AM&T is governed by a board of directors and managed by an executive director.

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AM&T Brochure

AM&T Brochure

AM&T MEP Case Study

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