Businesses confront many challenges in today’s manufacturing landscape, ranging from workforce shortages and supply chain disruptions to unyielding global competition. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, manufacturers find themselves in a race to adopt and leverage these innovations or risk falling behind.

The NYS Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Initiative has been specifically crafted to aid manufacturers in elevating their operations through technological enhancements. We are committed to demystifying Industry 4.0 and ensuring that it works for you. Our goal is to assist you in sparking innovation, improving efficiency, and strengthening competitiveness at your company.

NY MEP Industry 4.0


AMT is administering the Industry 4.0 Program, which will provide technology adoption and technology-related process improvement services and grant funding.  Industry 4.0 programs are one of four focus areas in the Advanced Manufacturing Initiative Programs.


Other examples of practical and cost-effective technology adoptions:

  • Sensor Integration: Implement sensors on machinery to provide real-time data on performance, temperature, or usage. Prevent breakdowns, optimize performance, and monitor equipment remotely through a dashboard.
  • Inventory Management Systems: Utilize software that integrates inventory data with production schedules to minimize excess stock and optimize raw materials.
  • Data Analytics Tools: Utilize software to understand trends in your production or customer demand.

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