The 2020 Calendar Looks Amazing!

Thank you to all the companies that submitted photographs for the 2020 calendar competition! It was difficult to select which pictures to include. (we’re sorry we couldn’t include everyone…it would’ve been a very long year!)

If you’re a Southern Tier manufacturer and you’d like to receive a calendar, please contact us at info@amt-mep.org.



Winter 2019-2020 Newsletter

In upcoming newsletters, AM&T will be focusing on manufacturing technology trends to watch including Additive Manufacturing, Collaborative Robots (cobots), Smart Manufacturing, Cybersecurity and Workforce Development.

If there’s something you’d like to learn more about, please contact us.


A Message From Our Executive Director

Carol Miller, Executive Director

People don’t believe what you say. They believe what you do. But even if what you do matches what you say, you will eventually falter if your actions don’t match your fundamental beliefs.

This is why we’ve invested the last several months in developing a new strategic plan. Nothing kills credibility faster than not practicing what you preach. Leaders who stress discipline and timeliness, but show up late for meetings, or who assert people are our most important assets — then lay them off to boost profitability — quickly lose their standing.

People catch these disconnects. The result: loss of credibility and tarnished reputations.

The same goes for businesses and other institutions.

One of our goals at AM&T is to “practice what we preach” and serve as a good example. We aim to model the kind of behavior we expect our clients to adopt to help their own businesses thrive.

To that end, we have just completed our strategic planning for 2020-2023. It’s been an exciting and challenging opportunity to work with AM&T’s board, stakeholders, partners, and team to build on past successes, to translate these findings and recommendations into a clear and compelling new strategy to provide value to Southern Tier manufacturers and our region.

The plan will provide us with direction and clear measurable goals to chart our progress. It will guide our day-to-day decisions and help us be sure we are always moving forward.

All organizations, regardless of size or industry can benefit from strategic planning. There are many different approaches to how to do this. To learn more about one way, read the article “The Top 6 Steps of Strategic Planning” .

And if you have questions about how you can benefit from strategic planning, please contact us to learn more.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Abraham Lincoln

Carol Miller
Executive Director

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