Lucky Hare Brewing Company

“Working with AMT and Works Design Group was incredibly beneficial for Lucky Hare Brewing. They brought a knowledge level and marketing expertise that we needed in order to accelerate the evolution of our brand. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the project, and we are looking forward to continued growth because of their efforts. ”

–Richard Thiel, President & General Manager


As a result of the Brand Evolution and Style Guide Project Lucky Hare Brewing has continued and increased their exposure, gained additional customers, increased their marketplace standing, and continued with business growth.

The projects resulted in:

  • Increased Annual Revenue of 30%
  • Retained Annual Revenue of 100%
  • Increased Sales of 40%


Lucky Hare Brewing Company is Hector, New York’s leading Farm and Micro Brewery dedicated to producing the highest quality brewed craft beer in New York State.  In 2016 Lucky Hare began their incredible journey to create crafted beer that reflects not only their passion for the craft beer industry, but also the Finger Lakes and its community.


Lucky Hare Brewing Company wanted to continue and further build their brand marketing to increase exposure, further stand out in the marketplace, gain additional customers, and continue to grow their business. Their concern was brand recognition in a very saturated shelf space.


AMT’s partner, Works Design Group worked with the Lucky Hare Team in the evolution of its brand concepts. They did extensive research in the category and presented solutions to increase brand awareness all while keeping the brands unique character with their custom illustrations. The team also worked to simplify the logo and offer alternate solutions that would work across multiple mediums. They too created additional assets for the team to use across their social media, locations, cans, swag and website. These assets and more were included in the brand style guide that was the end deliverable for the endeavor. The guide also included specific colors, fonts, rules and additional applications such as initial website concepts, POS materials and signage.