DYCO Electronics

Working with the professionals at AMT has benefited DYCO in a number of ways. First and foremost is the development of a robust quality system that meets DYCO’s need for servicing the requirements of our most demanding customers, especially those requiring the rigor of an AS9100 system. Second would be the AMT relationship that brings with it support for dealing with the changes needed to adjust and sustain the quality system as our customer base evolves. The personnel we have worked with are very professional and proficient at presenting the right content of the materials needed. The type of background and skills they provide make all the difference. I would most certainly recommend AMT for manufacturing businesses seeking this type of service.

— Jeff Wilkins, General Manager


As a result of the certification, the demand for DYCO’s products and services has increased each year and it has experienced significant increases in sales and workforce. DYCO Electronics has been able to maintain and grow their business both nationally and worldwide.

The projects resulted in:

  • Cost Savings of 1.5 to 2% year over year
  • Increased and retained jobs of 29
  • Increased and retained sales of 35%


DYCO Electronics, part of iNRCORE Family of Brands, manufactures electronic components that go into critical systems that millions of people depend on daily. Whether these people are soldiers, medical professionals, or consumers, it is essential that these systems work well and work consistently. With this in mind, they strive to ensure one thing above all: quality.


DYCO Electronics requested assistance with completing its annual AS9100 internal audits and management reviews. The internal audits and management reviews are a critical part of a robust Quality Management System, as it identifies opportunities for improvements and ensures that the organization is able to maintain its customer required AS9100 registration.


AMT assisted in setting up a schedule for completing the internal audits and management reviews, reporting on the audit findings, assisting in determining effectiveness of implemented corrective actions to support DYCO’s AS9100 certification. AMT’s certified lead auditor provided a valuable outside perspective and removed the task from internal resources so they could be freed up to support manufacturing.