C&D Assembly Inc.

CD Assembly

“We have worked with AM&T for many years, on many projects. Great People Great Service! Would not be where I am without this team!“

— Jeff Cronk, President and Owner


The projects resulted in:

  • Identified & implemented layout changes to facilitate flow & integrate new equipment
  • Increased throughput by over 20%
  • Decreased WIP to minimum required levels
  • Decreased excess motion & movement by 80%


C&D Assembly, Inc. was founded in 1992, and is a privately-owned company employing 30 people. Through their dedicated workforce embracing a “Do Whatever It Takes” attitude, the loyalty of their customers, and support from their vendors, they have steadily grown into a full-service Contract Manufacturer equipped to perform automated SMT and Thru-Hole assembly and offer a variety of board testing services.


C&D Assembly, Inc. specializes in rapid-prototype and low to mid volume, high-mix contract manufacturing. The current layout constrained the process flow in the final steps in the production process leading to increased inventory (WIP) and excess handling (motion and movement).  To remain competitive and accommodate increased volume, C&D requested AM&T’s assistance with identification & implementation of facility layout changes to optimize the use of the current facility space and increase product flow through production.


  1. Created and Executed a Customized Approach.
    • Conducted project planning and preparation activities:
      • Created a Project Charter.
      • Collected and Reviewed Process Information, including the existing facility layout and current process performance information and data.
    • Provided a training for the project team on Lean principles and tools focused on flow, best batch sizing, WIP caps and waste reduction.
    • Conducted a multi-day flow improvement event focused on selective solder through pack and ship to identify facility changes, and equipment moves needed.
    • Created an Implementation Plan.
  2. Monitor Implementation Plan, Coaching and Consulting Support
    • Provided support during implementation activities.
    • Participated in monitoring implementation activities to ensure an on-time completion of identified changes.