Pladis Global

AMT was very successful in kicking off a continuous improvement mindset which engaged our production team and delivered fantastic results.  Our business has been on a growth path for some time and the lack of performance has been an obstacle that AMT was able to remove.”

— Mitchell Kahn, Americas Region Supply Chain & Quality


The three cross-functional teams were able to:

  • Drive the OEE on the S/N packaging line above 50% before it was discovered that the enrobing (feeder) operations become a bottleneck (which led to the request of an additional project).
  • Streamline the layout of the packaging line which allowed for higher throughput and a significant decrease in the cleaning and sanitation times. These changes led to record output for the packaging line and annual savings of around $400k/year for the company. 


Pladis Global, located in Horseheads, NY, is a manufacturer to some of the world’s best tasting and loved snack brands.  Pladis has approximately 200 employees.  With more than 75 brands, made with quality ingredients, and appealing to a broad range of consumers, their diverse portfolio helps you enjoy life’s happy moments.  With an eye towards new trends and evolving customer needs, their innovation is fueling exciting new products to deliver even more happiness in every bite.


Pladis Global’s Horseheads, NY, Plant requested assistance with a project to increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) on one of their packaging lines.  The OEE prior to the project was 20-30% and the goal was to achieve greater than 60% OEE.


AMT worked with Pladis’s operations, quality, maintenance, and sanitation functions with a focus on increasing OEE as well as increasing overall run time.  

AMT mapped out the critical process steps with a cross-functional team from the packaging line operations and developed a future state aimed at increasing OEE and overall run time. 

AMT helped transformed the current state into the future state with help from three cross-functional teams focused on improving separate areas of the line as well as looking at changeovers and the sanitation process. Lean manufacturing principals were used in this process.