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AMT is proud to announce its 6-part HR Planning Series!

There are an estimated 3,000 manufacturing jobs open in the Southern Tier. Based on national estimates, it is anticipated that the number will grow 5X by 2028.

Successful organizations need to move beyond the Human Resources administrative and legally mandated tasks that take time away from the value-added strategic initiatives that drive performance.

Please join us for a no-cost six part series. Participants can register for individual sessions, or receive a complimentary HR assessment when they register for all six sessions.

These days, it’s an employee’s job market. The labor market is more competitive than ever, and manufacturers are struggling to attract and retain talented employees.

Learn to maximize the resources that you have within your organization to address today’s workforce shortages and other HR related issues.


1st Session: Human Resource Strategic Planning

Session Video and Presentation Slides

The closer the alignment between HR and an organization’s overall business strategy, the better the company’s ability to anticipate and respond to customer needs and to maintain competitive advantage. Successful organizations need to move beyond the Human Resources administrative and legally mandated tasks that take time away from the value-added strategic initiatives that drive performance.

Presented on 1/14/2022

2nd Session: Attraction and Retention

Session Video and Presentation Slides

Attraction and retention become ever more important as labor markets constantly shift and become more competitive. Taking a strategic approach to staffing can provide a pathway to hire and keep the quality candidates that will make a difference in your organization. How can you become the employer of choice in your industry?

Presented on 2/11/2022

3rd Session: Workforce Training and Development

Session Video and Presentation Slides

An organization is only as good as its people. Human resource development ensures that the skills, knowledge, abilities, and performance of the organization meet current and future needs. A properly designed training program can ensure that your company’s competitive advantage in customer service, productivity, safety, and retention.

Presented on 3/11/2022

4th Session: Compensation and Benefits

Session Video and Presentation Slides

Compensation is one of the most powerful tools that organizations have to influence their employees. Employee benefits are also an increasingly important element of employee compensation packages. Creating a sustainable and attractive total compensation strategy can give you a competitive market advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. Presented on 4/8/2022

5th Session: Employee & Labor Relations

Session Video and Presentation Slides

There are many reasons organizations focus on creating an employee friendly culture, but ultimately the goal is a more attractive place to work. As employees increasingly consider themselves as free agents in the workplace, organizations are challenged to attract and retain the best of the best. Presented on 5/13/2022

6th Session: Safety and Risk Management

Friday, 6/10/22, at 11 am – 12 pm on Zoom
At the heart of safety management is an organizational commitment coordinated by all members of the team. Providing a safe and healthful work environment is priority number one for any organization. Mitigating loss and assuring business continuity are just two of the many benefits of creating a comprehensive risk management program.


Human Resources Planning Series Registration

Human Resources Planning Series

Choose which session(s) you will attend:

  • Session 1 - HR Strategic Planning (presented on 1/14/22)
  • Session 2 - Attraction and Retention (presented on 2/11/22)
  • Session 3 - Workforce Training and Development (presented on 3/11/22)
  • Session 4 - Compensation and Benefits (presented on 4/8/22)
  • Session 5 - Employee & Labor Relations (presented on 5/13/22)
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